Essay about Comparing The Fox And The Hedgehog

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Essay #5
The comparison between the fox and the hedgehog can be nuanced in their distinctions. The two animals represent knowing a little about everything as compared to knowing everything about one or few things respectively. There is even a good argument for both being needed to successfully navigate life’s everyday problems. When used as a tool, this duality can help to classify people into two simple groups. Though the pedigree of most humans goes deeper than the probability of a coin flip; This method of comparison simplifies an otherwise complex animal.
The way we learn can be one of the most important factors in shaping who we are and what we will become. Our upbringing, environment, and schooling help us develop our learning style. When we’re young there are many subjects to study and curriculums to cover. The exposure is at an all-time high during those years because our minds are said to be more susceptible to change, like a sponge. As we get older the traditional pyramidal educational structure takes over. Our skills get sharpened and start to take shape toward what we are meant to be. The once broad vision of the fox world gets honed into the tunnel vision of the hedgehog.
Our window for creativity is small, but very prevalent through the younger years. Whereas our older years consist of creativity limited to the area of study we’ve chosen. Though we are not taught to keep the fox mentality we are born with throughout our elder years, some people refuse to…

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