Comparing the Australian Legal System with the Legal System of Your Country of Origin.

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The task here is to compare the Australian Legal System with the legal system of the country of origin therefore the comparison is with the Pakistani Legal System. The structure of the Common Wealth Government, Australia briefed in the constitution is divided into three branches, the legislature (Senate “upper house” and House of Representatives “lower house”), executive (the administrative arm of Government) and judiciary (the legal arm of the Government). While in Pakistan the Parliament and Federal Government also consists of Senate the upper house and National assembly the lower house.
‘The ability of the common law to adapt itself to the differing circumstances of the countries in which it has taken root is not a
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The legislative law is enacted by federal and state parliaments and common law which mainly evolves through judicial decisions and practices. The primary law which cannot be overridden is made by Parliament for example enacted law or Legislation. The unenacted law is usually passed by judges in courts when there are certain decisions made or justification of their decisions. The doctrine of principle states that decisions of cases are commonly based on previously decided cases and mostly the higher courts are taken into consideration.
In a parallel contrast to Pakistani legislative system Australian Common Law is quite similar in this regard because common law is different from statute law and it doesn’t depend upon the groundwork of any Act of Parliament. While the main source of Law remains Statute Law however the common law plays its own vital role in the development of the Legal system.
While on the other hand

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