Comparing The 1920 ' S Essay

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The 1920’s was a period of growth in urban america. A decade where wealth grew for the wealthy, but so did poverty among the lower working class. It was a decade of changes and clashes and there were many contradictions in values and ways.
The 1920’s experienced a great deal of inequality among social classes. It represents a clash of values because it illustrates how the 1920’s was supposed to be a time of growth but in actuality was a time of poverty for many, a clash of values between urban America and rural America and discrimination for many. During the 1920’s, the gap between the rich and poor grew, cities grew, people moved from rural farms to big cities for work and different opportunities, and discrimination toward African Americans and immigrants increased while African American power grew in the North..
In the 1920’s, the economy was booming. It was a time of mass production and full of “laissez faire capitalism” where people were just free to spend money in any way they pleased. Most of the power in the economy, however, went to business owners and the wealthy. This happened because the government helped businesses grow by not regulating them. The government ignored the prior progressive views and were pro-business. Which in some ways was good, people in urban cities had more leisure time and productivity grew. This led to an increase in people buying goods and by 1929, half of people had owned cars. Plus 85% of the world’s cars were manufactured in the…

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