Comparing Oedipus The King And Plato 's Crito Essay

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1) Compare the role of human reason in Oedipus the King with its role in Plato’s Crito

Although providing similar framework and subject matter, Oedipus the King and Plato’s Crito explore the influence of the enchanted and disenchanted Greek world differently. This allows for a deep exploration of the role of human reasoning within the two texts. Both text’s as a whole generally explore the same main points of Greek reasoning, yet key differences among the themes of the disenchanted and enchanted world provide variances in the presentation of reasoning and rationality.

The disenchanted world has a large influence on human reason as portrayed by Oedipus the King. The ancient Greek social political structure and laws are followed intensely and the opinions of fellow Greeks are highly influential. In this sense social influence and tradition acts as a barrier and a provocation to certain human actions embedded within the play. In this way the disenchanted world around the protagonist is an influential factor when exploring human reason. Legitimization is based around societies belief of what is honourable, right and just as presented through Socratic dialogue. Throughout the play justification is presented through fights with the self in order to please society at large “the damage I’d face from such an accusation is nothing simple. No, there’s nothing worse branded a traitor in the city, a traitor to all of you my good friends”. When Oepedius chooses a fate worse than…

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