Comparing Night Vs. Wiesel's Night And Maus

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The novels Night and Maus are two very different genres of novels. Maus, is a graphic novel, so instead of being mainly just words, it has lots of pictures and words, in comic format telling a story. Night, can be labeled as an autobiography, memoir, or a personal narrative. So it is clearly seen that these two novels are different genres. Even though they are very different, they can still be compared. How will two novels of a different genre be compared? This will be the question answered through this paper. Even though the two novels are quite different, they share a lot of similar events. This is a good comparison because it can show the mood and tone shown through the novel. Through both novels, it had a lot of common events, and they shared the same tone/mood during the events. One event that was similar was in Night, prisoners would get hanged for doing something that was a …show more content…
They have different author’s purpose and points of view. They are similar in ways in which the author wanted to write it also. Both authors wrote their story in different ways, Spiegelman portrayed it from him listening to his father and then writing it down and turning it into a graphic novel. Wiesel portrayed his story from his point of view in a narrative, which tells the story like it is and no flashbacks, or jumps to the present like Maus does. The two novels are very similar in certain ways such as having a common theme in which shows how bad the Holocaust was. But the biggest difference between the two was how each author portrayed his story to the audience. Also, the way in which the novels are able to be compared , is showing the events that happened in each novel. Both have events that were the same, but they differed in ways in why and how they occured. All in all, the two novels, are different genres, but they still show similarities in differences when

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