Comparing Holden Vs. Jim 's ' The Rye ' And Jim Stark From ' Rebel Without A Cause

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Both Holden Caulfield of “Catcher in the Rye” and Jim Stark from “Rebel Without a Cause” are young, male characters growing up in the late 1950’s. Holden is someone who doesn’t like a lot of people, he’s always depressed and has a really hard time facing his problems. Holden is also a coward in the way that he really doesn’t like to fight back or confront conflict. He’s the type of person who talks about people and thinks everyone is phony. Jim, on the other hand, is a confused teenager, throughout the movie he appears to be really angry at his parents for trying to solve every problem he gets into by moving around. He is always getting in trouble and moving around due to this. He also seems to want someone to help him do the right thing. These two characters have important similarities and differences. Similarities include school and friendships and differences include conformity and romantic relationships. One way that Holden and Jim are similar relates to their school life, and friendships. Holden and Jim are similar in this aspect because both have a school life that is pretty much not long lasting. In the book, Holden tells us all about the different schools he’s been to due to failing most of his classes or getting kicked out for other things. Because of that Holden keeps moving schools, which is why he has such a long history of stories from all the different schools he’s been to. Similarly, Jim, in the movie shows that he’s had a lot of, school changes…

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