Comparing Hamlet And Laertes By William Shakespeare Essay

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There aren’t two people who are alike, even twins who are born and raised in the same environment, can have a different reaction when reacting to a similar situation. Everyone in life goes through certain events in life where each one reacts differently and no one can say “I would have reacted the same way”. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, where several sons avenged their fathers’ murder, but their madness and horrible decisions takes numbers of death on everyone. There is a lot of connections in this play that can be made throughout certain characters. One of the connections in this plays is between the characters Hamlet and Laertes. Prince Hamlet and Laertes, young Danish Lord, both suffered a tragic event in their life where their father were killed and they both promise to get revenge. Prince Hamlet and Laertes both have experienced a similar life, both were born into a family of royalty, had their father killed due to political conflict, reacted with fury, and both had a huge affection to the same girl. But they aren’t the same in all similar situations they had a few differences one being the way each one set revenge for their father’s death. Even though Hamlet and Laertes were enemies they had a lot of things that were common and different between them.
Shakespeare is known to show similarities in this play between characters especially between Hamlet and Laertes. Hamlet and Laertes were born in era where royalty is an advantage to live a better life.…

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