Comparing Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley's 'Kiss'

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Six year olds. Teenagers. Adults. Seniors. All of these age groups would come watch Kiss perform. After the show everyone would tell Kiss how much fun they had. Kiss went through all of these troubles and still ended up becoming one of the biggest bands ever. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley formed Kiss who as a group, created a legacy because of their costumes and behaviour. They had a hard time finding other members, an amazing legacy, and a member going away.
The band Kiss was all in separate bands. In their teens, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley got in a band together, while the other members were in local bands . In 1973, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley got together, and the whole group all were in local bands when they were teens. Paul Stanley
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Kiss was a rare band who took the shows of David Bowie and made it their own by adding their aggression and makeup to make it different (Lowe,2002). Kiss drooled fake blood, spit fire, and dressed up the way they did to appall or to make the audience seem lurid. Kiss would always leave the stage unkempt, and sometimes they would be kicked out of the tour when they are touring with other bands. Parts of the stage would be burnt down from Gene Simmons fire act, and there would be fake blood everywhere ( Weintraub, 2009). Kiss raised money and collected food to give to flood victims by selling special T-shirts for $25.00 and all of the money went to United Way and collected food in their Mid-West shows (Newman,1997). Kiss is more popular for their merchandise like T-shirts, posters, buttons, home decorations, lunch boxes, school supplies, credit cards, action figures, and a ton more (Lowe, 2002). They are also popular by their visual shows, costumes, their makeup, fog machines, light shows, smoking guitars, and fire breathing (Phillips & Cogan, 2015). Kiss also has M&Ms, phone cases, dart boards, pool cues, helmets, bingo games, fragrance, and even a Coffeehouse (Waddell,

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