Comparing Disney 's Pocahontas And The Articles Essay

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Stephanie Simon
AP U.S History
Mr. Moriaca
August 11, 2015

Comparison between Disney 's Pocahontas and the Articles

The story of the settlement of Jamestown is portrayed in a glamorized way in Disney 's Pocahontas. The events were turned it into a children 's movie where everyone finds happiness in the end. The two articles we read, however, shine a new light on the situation, showing the true hostilities that arose during the english settlement of the first explorers. The beginning of the movie shows an only small section of England Where the Englishmen are all to excited and inclined to leave their loved ones and embark on what could be a dangerous journey. However, that was not necessarily true.. England was increasing hurriedly, “rapid population increase from under three million in a 1500 o a probable four and a half million in the 1649s(n increase reflected the gap between wages and prices)”( 602 Morgan). In England, half of the population “lived between the level recognized as poverty”(602 Morgan) This extreme change lead to strict laws that hindered work “smaller rise in wages both in industry and in agriculture”(602 Morgan). “Wages were so inadequate that productivity… impaired by malnutrition”(602 Morgan). In England, many 's lives were centered around sitting around and not doing anything and waiting for new. In Disney 's Pocahontas, the men that were sent to “The New World” by the Virginia company were powerful, proficient men that could have become…

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