Araby And A & P Comparison

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The ideas of James Joyce “Araby” and James Joyce “A&P” correlate very well. The two short stories are similar in ways of the plots of the stories. In both stories a young man tries to please and young woman and the women have no desire for their company. Also the young men have epiphanies and fantasises about what they expected to happen. To conclude both of the stories, the young boys awaken themselves and move on to see the bigger picture. Araby summarizes how a young boy experienced his first encounter with love that came to a terrible result. In the story a young boy lives in Dublin, Ireland; across the street from his friend named Mangan. The young boy always thought that, Mangan’s sister was beautiful and, he loved her before getting …show more content…
They fantasize about the women appreciating them and qualities in life. In real actuality these boys are going through phases in life where they expect to much because of superstition. They were both at a point in life where the opposite sex was appealing to them and they saw many things in them. In Araby the young boy loved the Mangan's sister and melted when she spoke. John Updike’s A&P character, Sammy, felt a certain attraction for Queenie and her physique. Due to the attraction of the girls, the young men felt like they needed to respectively win over the ladies. The young man in Araby wanted to get a gift and Sammy was convinced he needed to take up for the girls because he felt they were victims of his perverted coworkers. The young men both did everything they could to protect the women or please the women to only find out that they had to no interest in them. The women did not have interest in either of the boys from both stories. The women used the boys to get their way or try the get their way to benefit themselves. With the boys being helpless, kindhearted, and hopeless romantics, they gave their all to the women who would not even give them a

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