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Common Code of Ethics The world is becoming smaller and many fields are creating a universal platform from which they operate. These platforms provide a framework in which everyone understands and recognizes. The church could benefit from adapting to this global mindset. A universal Christian code of ethics could be created and disseminated in a way that could be universally interpreted to strengthen and enhance the body of Christ.
Create and Disseminate a Universal Christian Code of Ethics
As the world becomes more connected there is an increasing need for common ground in which to operate from (Mele and Shanchez-Runde, 2013). To create a universal code of ethics, the big picture must remain the focus. Everyone operates for a moral basis to create what they believe should be law. Lawmakers around the world craft laws based on their personal view of morality, various between
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A deep sense of responsibility to the universal code of ethics will reinforce the moral character engaging the ethical behaviors (Mele and Shanchez-Runde, 2013). A universal code would provide great accountability for leaders, as Christians outside a particular organization would understand the standard at which each leader is being held to. When honoring a moral code created from scripture the results should be a human experience with Christ (Nissen, 2011). A universal code of ethics should draw Christians to emulate the unity of the church they experiences in the early church from Acts. A unified church would appear as a closer representation of the church in scripture. A team approach to reaching the world would replace a competition approaching, realigning the emphasis back on the lost than on others. Churches could focus on the mission of the church rather than competing with the church down the

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