Compare And Contrast USAnd Uk.

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The system of U.K has always led to a favorable comparison due to the long drawn history between both the countries. The system of the U.S.A on the other hand is an extreme end to understand where the fine line stands between the rights of the child and the protection of society. This comparison is important to note the new differential provision brought about in the Bill by India to treat the age group of 16-18. The age of majority is an important point of discussion to the international conventions regulating the rights of the child as it is necessary for every nation that is a signatory to conform to its regulations.
The United Kingdom though a signatory to the same conventions as India also forms a differential
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What it has done is form a separate category of juveniles, known as adolescents due to their capability to form mens rea in certain circumstances. One of the most important International Convention, the Beijing Rule states that the reaction provided by the state must be proportionate to the offence committed and the needs of both the juvenile and society. Unlike the U.N Conventions on the matter it does not fix 18 as the age of the juvenile instead it has stated that in the case of serious offences a particular age group maybe treated …show more content…
There are various remand homes that overflow due to lack of space and resources. Children within these premises are known to be abused, mentally, physically and sexually . While rehabilitation and deterrence seems to be the combined aim of the Bill, nothing can be said in this regard except by observing the method of implementation. The constitution of a Juvenile Justice Board in every district would be a very difficult and time consuming task. Hence the author would like to suggest the district Magistrate First Class to look into the matters of the child till such Board is constituted after the Bill is passed. This will ensure that there is no time-lag between the forming of the legislation and its implementation which is a common drawback in most Indian laws. Considering all the provisions stated in the Bill, feasibility of it is unaccounted for. This year’s Union Budget only provides for 0.8% of the total budget for Child Protection . This is grossly insufficient to implement all the provisions, such as the JJB, Child Welfare Society

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