Compare and Contrast Two Pieces of American Art Essay

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Exotic Pitchforks American art has been molded and shaped by different cultures around the world, and through the years different artists have given different kinds of art their own little special touch. A very famous type of painting is oil painting, and Americans just so happen to be very good at making them. One oil painting that almost everyone is familiar with is “American Gothic” by Grant Wood, and another one that is a little less famous is “The Peaceable Kingdom” by Edward Hicks. Both pieces of work come from different time periods, making it easy to see how American Art has evolved yet also stayed the same. The “American Gothic” by Grant Wood was first created in 1930, during a time of great issues in America. In the …show more content…
This style of painting portrayed American lifestyle as simple and rural. The “Peaceable Kingdom” was made in a decorative, semi-realism kind of style which was common for American artists of the time. These two pieces have so much that separates them, like time, religion, and style, but that doesn't mean that there aren't little things that relate the two paintings. Both of these paintings are made with oil, and when you really think about it religion doesn't separate them that much, although Mr. Wood wasn't a very religious man, the people he was portraying would have more than likely been devoted Christians, and in the background of Hicks painting the colonists are signing an agreement with the Indians, which would have more than likely occurred during the man and woman's lifetime. There are also other little similarities like the idea that men run the show, in the “American Gothic” the man is seen as the breadwinner, and then in the background the men of both societies are making all the decisions. So, even though the differences outweigh the similarities of these two works of art, they show us how American art has evolved itself from paintings about religion and outside influences to paintings about ourselves and our history, but it doesn't only show how we have grown in art, it also shows us how Americans remember their roots and don't always change things.

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