Compare And Contrast The Umayyad And Abbasid Empires

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Compare and contrast the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates and the impact they had on the sciences, art and literature, and the initial spread of Islam throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, and the Islamic incursions into India and Southeast Asia

The strong and mighty empires of both Umayyad and Abbasid clans; spreading Islam throughout northern europe to southern asia. Yet how did Islam impact science, art, and literature between these two strong forces? Can we come to a logical conclusion as to whom had the greatest impact?

The Umayyad clan was focused on conquering and taking the land they had deemed as theirs. With obtaining mesopotamia, north africa, and persia they had a strong leading force. They started to build an empire right
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This group was warrior elets from al- Abbas. A general of the Abbasid military. Once finding the great luxury that the Umayyads had lived in they started to build lavishes capitals buildings. They had marble entrance halls. Getting this idea for the greeks. The abbasids had become very knowledgeable in mathematics and astronomy. Medical advances were also made in this time of unity. They used many techniques we use today. With this spread of advance ments also meant the spread of the Islamic religion. How this happened was through trade. Creating this caravan of new ideas and thoughts. Giving those in society seen as lessers the idea that under Allah everyone was …show more content…
Without their advancements we would not have a functions number system. Nor would we have the expanded understanding of the human eye. With this being said their differences come into play. The Umayyad empire had no hold on their elite members. The main cause of their fall was because of the lavish lifestyle the elites wanted to live. Causing the lower class citizens having to suffer. With the Abbasid empire they fell because of war losing to other nations, but they also had corruption between its citizens as well. Over all the empires were more alike than

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