Compare And Contrast Native American Settlement And Spanish Settlement

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During the 1650s the British in Virginia and New England were firmly established in the mid atlantic region, while the Spaniards in St. Augustine and had claimed over Florida and the Southwest. They both were looking to expand and look for new land and they both ended up settling in North America. Both the England and Spaniards have similar settlement with each other but they are also different from their reasons to how they interacted with the Native American and not to forget their economy and political outcome. The counties of Wester Europe went around the world setting up colonies and they did this with the idea that these colonies would help to make them rich which is mercantilism. It states that to have a military security then, a country must have a positive trade balance. And to maintain this military security the country has to exports more than it imports. This whole system is only benefit to the mother land that because colonies would give these raw materials which the mother country than converts to manufactured goods. The balance of trade is supposed to be …show more content…
The people that came from Spain were military soldiers and officers as well as priest while the people that came from England were from the Church of England, adventure seeker as well as wealth seekers. The Spaniards were looking for gold and silver as well as land. The english were looking for land because of overpopulation and religious freedom. The Spaniards conquered tribes and stolen their gold and silver. They also wanted to erase the Natives traditions and convert them while the England traded with them. When that did not work out war broke down and the England killed and sold the Native Americans. The Spaniards did not have a lot to economy going on agriculture wise because of the weather while the England started out horrible but started developing crops, lumber as well as

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