Compare And Contrast The Merchant Of Venice And To Kill A Mockingbird

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By the end of the novel scout had matured slightly and while she wasn’t going to go completely for the southern womanhood role she was much more at peace with the fact she was a girl. by the end of the book she had found positive role models in Miss Maudie and Calpurnia who had both put being a woman into perspective and an admirable light when she looked at how they lived their lives, and she had stopped being so bothered when Jem called her a girl because she was no longer spending all her time following him around looking to be included. Scouts gradual maturation gives the reader an awareness of lees use of the adult scout’s voice intertwined with the younger characters voice, the reader is able to view her maturing as the plot develops lee creates this artifice but the reader accepts it as plausible and the effect is to draw the readers of the novel closer to the events and characters Both the play, the merchant of Venice and the novel to kill a mockingbird have the …show more content…
rich fathers, dead mothers and no siblings. But due to the fact that Jessica and shylock are Jewish it immediately puts them at a massive social disadvantage their upbringings were very different so both fathers are loving, we know this from the way shylock reacts to loosing Jessica and both of the women are determined and self-possessed but we can see from the fact that Jessica is very quick to fall passionately in love with someone shortly after she meets him and immediately willing to run away taking her father’s money and a precious ring with her. She is a slightly selfish character or maybe just immature, by taking it all and leaving him in the middle of the night. This sort of control she took is different to the way Portia took it because due to her relaxed and privileged upbringing she had respect for her father that Jessica doesn’t meaning that she would

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