Compare And Contrast The Differences Among The Three Major Theoretical Differences In The Workplace

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Register to read the introduction… Jerry Thomas is 28 and has just become the new corporate VP at his company. The older VPs with whom he works see him as impulsive, somewhat self-centered and unwilling to play by the rules. In which generational group would Jerry fall? Explain your answer.
SOC 402 Week 2 Assignment Women and Flexibility in the Workplace
After viewing Women as change agents in America: Part I, determine why Kathleen Christensen believes that the flexibility of women in the workplace is a social and structural issue.
a. Identify some factors that have affected women’s flexibility in the workplace throughout history.
b. Evaluate the factors that have affected women’s pay in the workforce.
c. Hypothesize what may change for women in the workplace within the next 10 years.
SOC 402 Week 3 DQ 1 Retirement
After viewing Retirement revolution: The new reality, examine how the topic of retirement has changed in American society since the 2008 recession. Describe how it has impacted your plans, family members, or friends’ plans for retirement. Compare traditional views of retirement with current views.
SOC 402 Week 3 DQ 2 Sexual Harassment
Here are several events that happen in the workplace. Do you believe they fall under the definition of sexual harassment? If so, why? If not, why
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Bob, a supervisor, makes comments about on a regular basis to his secretary, Susan, about how she is dressed for the day.
e. A customer in a restaurant grabs the rear end of a waitress. She complains about the customer to the manager, who says, “Ignore it, you’ll probably get bigger tip.”
f. Don posts pictures of scantily clothed women on his office walls.
SOC 402 Week 3 Assignment Outline of Final Paper Professional Workplace Substance Abuse Outline
Review the Final Paper instructions in Week Five of the online course or in the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide. Then, visit the Ashford Writing Center located under Learning Resources tab on the left navigation tool bar in our online classroom. Format your outline for the Final Paper according to the “Sample Outline.” (NOTE: In the “Sample Outline,” it states that the thesis statement is the last one to three sentences of the Introduction. However, the thesis statement must be one sentence in length and the last sentence of the Introduction).
The outline must include:
§ Introduction with thesis statement
§ An outline of 5 body paragraphs as demonstrated in the Writing Center’s template

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