Into The Wild Movie Analysis

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Into the Wild: Book/Movie Compare and Contrast

A young man seeking adventure while he travels across Western America and Canada, discovering what life is like away from his parents and free from wealth and comfort. Into the Wild is a true account of Chris McCandless’ wild adventure, written by Jon Krakauer; his journey was later adapted into a movie by Sean Penn. In terms of plot and characters, both the movie and book give life to Chris and tell his story accurately, but one must choose to read the book to more deeply understand Chris, his journey and the reasons behind his actions. The movie does not contain any of Krakauer's personal accounts and opinions, and, instead, focuses just on the journey of Chris McCandless. Krakauer includes
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The plot in both the movie and book follow the same format: a nonlinear narrative. Focusing on Chris McCandless hiking into the Alaskan wilderness, the story begins in what can be identified as the “present”. To tell the story of McCandless’ journey, the movie and book flash back to the “past” to show the beginning when he graduates Emory University, donates all of his money to charity and drives west to start his adventure. During his entire adventure leading up to Alaska, the movie and book flash to the “present” to give the audience an insight on Chris’ life in Alaska. As the plot in the “past” advances, the audience starts to understand and gain insight on Chris and his actions in the “present”. Both movie and book end with Chris’ final days living in the Alaskan …show more content…
He analyzes Chris in a unique way that helps the reader understand all of his actions. By breaking down Chris’ actions and interviewing all the people affected by him, Krakauer predicts the reasons to why he did certain things. Also, he gives details about Chris’ early childhood, and the effect of his death on his parents and friends that expands the reader's insight. In addition to expanding on Chris’ life, Krakauer includes stories of others who died in the wilderness and compares their reasons and feelings to Chris’ actions. Krakauer also includes his own personal account of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness which enforces the reader to accept his credibility. One unique element that he adds to the book is telling the reader, right away, that Chris is dead. On the front cover of the book, he explains that Chris died in the Alaskan wilderness. However, in the movie it keeps this fact a secret and only shows his death at the end. Krakauer adds so much to the book that changes the way the reader sees Chris; it truly makes a difference on how the reader interprets his

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