Compare and Contrast of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance Essay

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Compare and Contrast of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance
Dance is one of the most beautiful, expressive forms of art known to mankind. It expresses joy, love, sorrow, anger, and the list truly goes on for all the possible emotions that it can convey. Dance not only can express how one feels, but it can tell a story or even be used to praise a higher power. Dance has intricately played an important role to every culture over the course of time. Two forms of dance that have not only stood against the test of time but have influenced the development of other various styles of dance is none other than Classical Ballet and Modern Dance. Classical Ballet is the epitome of class and sophistication, it is known for its meticulous techniques
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A perfect example of a typical Classical ballet would be Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker (choreographed by Petipa); in the Waltz of the Flowers the male dancers show their strength and talent by pulling off gravity defying leaps. In contrast where in Modern dance, there is no gender specific role for the dancer, the whole concept behind modern dance is that is open to anyone who would like to express their self through movement; also another difference between modern dance and ballet is that modern dance doesn’t always have to involve a large group of dancers, many times a modern dance can be just one individual dancer or maybe a small group, but it is not required to be large group. Again Martha Graham’s “Frontier” is a great example how modern dance does not require more than one person to convey the message or story of the performance.
Classical ballet is known for its spectacular costumes and scenery, also along with its use of classical music. The female dancers can wear the short stiff “pancake-style” tutu, or wear flowly tutus along with their ballet shoes, and the male dancers wear a Lycra type leotard. Petipa was known for bringing the element of design to classical ballet, in his production of “The Nutcracker” truly encompasses all

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