Compare And Contrast Motorcycle Vs Car

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Motorcycle vs Car

When you hit the age of sixteen your life takes a turn for the better. For the typical high school student, varying between sophomore and junior year you get to experience a bunch of new things. You’re becoming or just became an upperclassman, you’re getting closer to applying to colleges, and all of that good stuff. However the one big thing that separates all the kids is the ability to drive. For most teenagers the first thing they learn how to drive is a Automatic car. That is so they may go take the test and be very familiar with what will be on the test they will be taking after they receive their permit. After a couple years after having their license a few more options open up, one being the option to go get your
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In the summer motorcycles can be used to ride all around town and through many cities. You have the choice to ride alone or ride with a passenger if you know how. However unlike cars in the winter motorcycles are not very good. Snow,Ice, and the Cold are three things that make motorcyclist hate the winter. So for three fourths of the year more or less motorcycles can be ridden but for that chunk where they can’t makes life horrible for those who have chosen to go down the bike road. and if you do try to ride in the winter there is a chance you could be paying to have it fixed, which isn 't the only cost that goes into these automobiles.
When comparing the two in cost and price, many things go into the two in short term and long term prices. Cars have many different types of fuel, from gas, to frying oil to electricity people will always need one of the previous to get them to their destinations. For most people gas is the source of fuel that people will choose. Before going into the gas portion lets starts off with how expensive some cars are. Many people do go with the used car approach to get a reduced price but for those who buy new you could be paying an average of ten thousand to
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On average Bikes can cost from two thousand to fifteen thousand dollars. The highest being the start of average car prices. So already Motorcycles are ahead. Moving on to insurance bikes on average annual cost are the same as a monthly payment of a car. So one may find themselves paying in full two hundred or less for the year. Now onto fuel, like cars Motorcycles do have a option of electricity however many find them driving gas driven bikes. On average a bike may get fifty five miles to the gallon and may take ten to fifteen dollars to fill up the tank. Which is why Motorcycles are the road less traveled but can travel on the road much longer.
This final category really depends on one 's personality; Entertainment while driving or riding the automobile. For cars there is not a whole lot that you can do in terms of outside entertainment, meaning what other people see but inside entertainment is a different story. Some cars have dvd players where you can park and watch or have passengers watch and be entertained all drive long. Also with passengers you can self entertain yourself, and them by playing games with each other. Finally as many cars have radios many people enjoy listening and jamming out to songs of their choice and just having a

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