Milk Frothers Research Paper

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For people who are new to the world of coffee, cappuccino or espresso, they can feel very confused at many unfamiliar terms, techniques and a wide variety of different related electric appliances. Comparison between milk frothers and milk steamers is among issues that cause confusion the most. The following guide will help you understand the matter clearly.
1. Milk frothing vs steaming
To compare milk frothers and steamers, it is essential that you know what milk frothing and steaming are about first. These are two different process that produce different results
• Steaming: in this process, steamed milk is produced by heating the milk with the steam wand. The process aims to bring out the sweet taste
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• Automatic milk steamers: appliances that can steam a large quantity of milk; however the output quality is less consistent than the first two types.
3. Comparing milk frothers and milk steamers
Actually, the terms milk frother and milk steamer are confusing. There are people who use these terms interchangeably. The main difference lies in the technique to create steamed milk or frothed milk; we can create both with milk frothers and milk steamers (depending on specific models). It is up to personal tastes to prefer steamed milk or frothered milk; there is no right or wrong in it. That makes the task of comparing these appliances very hard to carry out. Also, it is unreasonable, for example, to compare a high quality electric frother with a milk steamer in the form of battery-powered handheld wand.
For the sake of fair comparison, we will have a quick look at a quality electric milk frother and pump espresso machine (automatic type). Here are some basic factors:
• Milk frother: this appliance in general won’t cost you more than

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