Compare And Contrast Michael Jordan And King Arthur

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King Arthur from the Knights of the Round Table shows what it means to follow the code of chivalry and is considered a hero. However, modern day heroes like Michael Jordan can still be found today. A comparison of these men shows that they share the same character traits of generosity, defending their followers and loyalty. As leaders of their nation and their team, people looked up to both of them and still do to this day. Heroes like this are inspirational to the young as well as the old. And they will go down as two of the greatest people to live. Michael Jordan and King Arthur each showed generosity in their own way. The greatest example was in the 1997 NBA finals when the Bulls were down by one with six seconds left. During the timeout Steve Kerr went over to Michael and said, “They are gonna double team you and i’m going to be open and i will hit the shot.” Once Michael got the ball he indeed got double teamed and Steve Kerr was wide open. Michael passed him the ball and he drained the shot to win the game for the …show more content…
Michael played most of his career in Chicago. He did take a break in the 94-95 season and retired to go play baseball because of the death of his father, James Jordan. When he came back to the hardwood floor in the 95-96 season, he loyally returned to his old team as number 45 and brought three consecutive championships to the city of Chicago. King Arthur shows loyalty in a different way in his faithfulness to Guinevere even though she is unfaithful to him with Lancelot. Merlin had predicted “ for by her very beauty shall come the end of Logres- when the best knight of your court shall love her, bringing shame upon her and upon himself.” When she is found guilty of being disloyal, Guinevere is sentenced to be burned at the stake. Instead of being angry, Arthur desires her to live because he still loves her. Arthur is a supreme example of loyalty to his wife and to his

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