Compare And Contrast Mccandless And Pete Fromm

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This is a true story of two young men that have similar lives and similar life goals. The stories are written by Pete Fromm, and Chris McCandless. In the book, Indian Creek Chronicles, Pete Fromm portrays his life changing risky seven month long winter journey as a new found love as mountain man. Living the wilderness on his own in a self-written biography about his journeys. The movie, Into the wild, is Christopher’s story of his sudden feel of the need to escape from his every day life and unhappiness, and his parents for the ease of pain suffering what to see what it feels like to live off the land and to be free. Both men set off for a journey to conquer the world of the wild and Mother Nature, but they both have extremely different stories. Pete left from his comfort zone of his everyday life for a story of conquering and journey of a different lifestyle, Chris …show more content…
Pete made sure he was well prepared with enough food, supplies, and knowledge and wisdom. That he acquired from reading books and talking to others about there own experiences in the wilderness. When Pete started his preparation, he wrote, “Then the real fun began: by going out buying all the right mountain man accessories that would be an unquestionably important factor to his survival”. Pete’s careful planning was the key to his prosperity in the wild. Pete and his new friend Radar went shopping together for supplies, and they made sure that he was extravagantly prepared for the voyage to the unknown. Pete and Radar went out and bought the whole nine. I mean everything from dry foods, firearms, axes, candles, extra snow boots, and different types traps. Pete didn’t have not one clue to what he was getting himself into, Pete was ready for any challenge’s that was out there waiting on him good or bad, Pete was not going to get caught slipping. Pete made sure he was well prepared to take on any unexpected

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