Compare And Contrast Mccandless And Christopher Mccandless

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Christopher McCandless crafted his own ideologies by considering the thoughts and philosophies created by scholarly saints that he had idolized. Those three specific individuals were where McCandless had found his motivation to go on such a journey as through the wild. Henry David Thoreau, Jack London, and Leo Tolstoy all majorly impacted Chris McCandless and his rationality on life. These three writers inspired McCandless to set out on his long voyage to live in nature. I feel that Jack London was the greatest motivation to McCandless, in light of the fact that his activities are quite alike to McCandless'.

Leo Tolstoy and Chris McCandless had a foundation at home which were very comparable; through their genuine lives, as well as through discovering their own identities. Both McCandless and Tolstoy were naturally introduced to rich families that were built on a strong and masculine patriarchy. Walt, McCandless' dad, is portrayed in the book as being "accustomed to calling the shots. Taking
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He got a kick out of the chance to travel and was an extremely courageous individual, much the same as McCandless. London and McCandless have diverse foundations however share a similar identity. The two men had father issues. McCandless needed to manage his dad's unfaithfulness and London had an awful association with his dad since he was unaccepted by him. Some of London's compositions, similar to White Flag and Sea Wolf and so forth., were found in the remaining parts of McCandless. The stories have settings about living in a frosty domain and that affected McCandless to leave his life and seek after on his trip. McCandless talked himself into accomplishing something so insane and unreasonable by perusing London's stories which is the reason I think he had the most effect on his new way of life in

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