Comparing Kierkegaard And Nietzsche's View Of Christianity

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Kierkegaard and Nietzsche have different thoughts when it comes to Christianity. Kierkegaard says that religion shouldn’t be a system it should be like a leap of faith. Nietzsche says that Christianity is the worst plague to effect mankind. After explaining each philosopher’s individual account on Christianity I will decide which one I agree with and argue it.
Kierkegaard says faith is extremely vital to the human condition. People get praised for doing something hard which Kierkegaard says faith is very hard to do. Kierkegaard says that only though faith can you experience freedom because faith is not determined by reason. It is this reason why he believes that faith is absurd because it contradicts reason. He believes no one in his time was
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I ultimately agree that Christianity is a religion of pity because you have to take pity on what Jesus did to rid us of our sins which in turn makes us feel bad because we were created from sinful sexual acts. Kierkegaard says faith is extremely vital to the human condition but faith is not really vital to a human condition because we have modern day atheist that don’t believe in anything and are doing fine. Nietzsche believed that Christianity was the ultimate slave religion which I can agree with because when something is going wrong what do Christianity followers do first. They usually turn to God for help with their endeavors. The idea behind suffering now and no longer suffering later has a nice ring to it, but it means that people will end up devaluing their current lives to be able to get into this afterlife. I believe that you should live life to the fullest and if there is an afterlife so be it. They both disagree with organized religion. Kierkegaard says that being a Christian during his time was not hard, and he called those people that were so called Christians cheap ones. Also, he thinks no one realized how much faith you actually need to have to be a follower of Christianity. Nietzsche believed that organized religion was something people used to avoid ideas like death by coming up with nice sounding alternatives to what happens, but you have to follow a certain set a rules placed by the ones that made the religion. Also, he felt it helped with mankind’s morality by protecting them from things that they do not know

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