Compare and Contrast How the Main Protagonists Experience Being Outsiders Within Their Respective Societies.

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Compare and contrast how the main protagonists experience being outsiders within their respective societies.
The experience of being outsiders is explored by William Shakespeare in ‘Othello’, Emily Bronte in ‘Wuthering Heights’ and Robert Browning in his Dramatic Monologues. Shakespeare explores the theme of alienation through a character considered an outsider by the society in which he lives in. Similarly Emily Bronte explores Heathcliff and the obstacles he faces at Wuthering Heights. Browning’s Dramatic Monologues illustrate the minds of psychotic lovers who are all possessive and delusional. In all the three texts the outsiders are rejected and are to an extent responsible for their own position in the society. While some are
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Browning’s choice of not allowing the Duke to blame himself for his failed marriage and realising that he is an outsider builds on the image of a psychotic character that will not rehabilitate any time soon.
Heathcliff similarly does not accept that he is in the wrong. “I do hate him- I am wretched –I have been a fool!” Isabella realises the extent to which her naivety has played a role in Heathcliff’s evil intention. Heathcliff on the other hand his not regretful for the way he used Isabella as a means to an end and his plan to terrorise Hindley and Edgar. The Duke has not realised how his actions had an impact on his wife, not mentioning that he himself killed her. He is not sorry for the way he behaved but Isabella on the other hand has realised her wrong doing and is at this point regretful. Both Heathcliff and the Duke continue to live life on the outside and have not taken the opportunity of renewing themselves to be accepted.
The Duchess rejected the Duke by disregarding the expensive gifts he brought for her. Heathcliff too is rejected by Catherine and later by Isabella. “How very black and cross you look! And how- how funny and grim! But that’s because I’m used to Edgar and Isabella Linton”. Catherine has begun to distance herself from Heathcliff because she’s realised that there would be a possibility of the two living as “beggars”, while life with Edgar will “aid Heathcliff to rise”. He therefore no longer had someone on the same wavelength as him. This

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