Compare And Contrast Holden And The Kid

Teenage years can be one of the most difficult times of a person’s life. They learn to comprehend family struggles and are searching for true friends to interact with. Catcher in the Rye talks about Holden’s life, a kid who is searching for a mean of escape from his reality. While Superassassin, talks about the life of a kid who is obsessed with comics and uses superheroes as role models. Holden’s and the Kid’s personality is similar, although their situation is not the same. Holden and the Kid are both troubled teens, looking for means of escape. Their troubled teenage years started with the lack of a family member. For Holden, it is the death of his brother, Allie, and for the Kid it is his absent father. When this person left their life, …show more content…
Holden is a rich kid, who studied in one of the most elite schools in New York. His father is a very successful lawyer, so he had a decent amount of money to spend. Meanwhile the Kid is poor and he went to a basic public school. This can be presumed because he has to take public transportation, and must steals the comics to be able to read them. The Kid’s mother works as a waitress, so it is known he does not have much money. Unlike Holden who believes he lives in a dysfunctional family, the Kid has a troublesome family. Holden believes he has a dysfunctional family, because they are phonies and want to tell him what to do. Which irritates him, because he wants to escape fakeness and be independent. On the other hand, the Kid does not seem to notice his troublesome family. His single mother is an alcoholic tramp, who is constantly crying over her past lovers. Because of this, the Kid is left on his own to deal with his mother and his problems. This can be seen when the kid takes care of his hungover mother, he says, “This morning I knock on my mother’s door, three times, but she’s out cold. She’s already late for work, so I go into her bedroom and lay her pink waitress uniform on a chair. I whisper good-bye and then leave for school” (Tenorio 108). The Kid’s troublesome life make him independent, something Holden would like to be. Holden and the Kid were raised in different environments, making their wants to be different from each

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