Compare And Contrast Galileo And Socrates

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Galileo and Socrates both offer various methods of arriving at conclusions within their philosophies and studies, each articulating specific information to their followers as they advocate through either science or philosophy. Within the Republic, Socrates offers his stance on justice and its placement within a city run by philosophers through reasoning. However, within the Sidereal Messenger, Galileo offers his account of information through the scientific method, a method that uses facts to support his cause. These two approaches vary immensely, each contrasting in their approach to the justification of their work and therefore cannot be used interchangeably. As Galileo’s scientific method allowed him to concoct factual evidence surrounding his findings, this approach would naturally not enable Socrates to prove his ideologies as it is merely theoretical pondering, not evidence based conclusions that can be proved in reality, therefore the methods used by Galileo would not be feasible to test …show more content…
Through Galileo’s method of the scientific method, it would be absurd to attempt to test Socrates thesis of justice with the likes of observing, measuring, and experimentation. Socrates path of attempting to define justice and describe his perfect city was a battle of philosophical questions and answers, not concrete facts or observations in which allows one to come to a definite and repeated answer of veracity. One could identify this when Socrates attempts to disprove his colleagues position on justice, asking each one various questions which ultimately makes his victims hypocrites of their own thoughts. (Plato 6-21) As this way of arguing can solve problems and come to conclusions, it is not factually proven and is merely an on the spot conclusion, nothing being repeatedly tested or measured in order to form a proven

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