Athens Vs Socrates Research Paper

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How can you determine one great polis more important from another? In the late fourth century, Athenian philosophers began to immerge bringing with them the idea of educating “the whole person. Sparta, on the other hand, still only focused on education for the military. Along with Sparta only concern being the military, they also do not have a steady economy. Athens, however, was very steady regarding economics. Also, in Athens, we see a happy and enjoyable social environment. Around the 4th and 5th century B.C.E, we see Greek philosophers expressing their ideas, along with Sparta and Athens being the leading poleis. Athens was the most important polis around the 4th century B.C.E due to their philosophers, economic status, and social environment. …show more content…
It can be seen most clearly when one reads, “Nowhere is the Greek concern with ethical, political, and religious issues clearer than in the philosophical traditions that began with Socrates in the latter half of the fifth-century B.C.E” (Craig 63). Socrates. An Athenian, he was concerned about the whole person and the “improvement of their soul” (Crag 63). He didn’t just care about the military, but he cared that everybody was happy and had an equal say in the government. Although heaps of people did not agree with Socrates philosophies’, his questioning of the government and other aspects of ways led the way for people like Plato. With Plato, people genuinely started to listen and Athens was able to become a more completed society because they were not just focused on war such as Sparta. Plato “was the first systematic philosopher and therefore the first to place political ideas in their full philosophical context” (Craig 64). Clearly, in this quote, we can accurately argue that Athens was indeed the most important polis. This statement would be correct because Plato was an Athenian and with Plato Greeks world were easily able to improve. Plato is known for surpassing his master, therefore if his master has been seen as bringing “philosophy down from the heavens”(Craig 63), then we know that Plato had a powerful impact on Athenians teaching them new ways. Since knowledge is power we know that because of Athenian philosophers Athens was the most powerful and important

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