Compare And Contrast Egyptian Civilization And Mayan Civilization

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The Egyptian and the Mayans were the of the most advanced civilizations in their time. The Mayan Empire spread from present-day southern Mexico to Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. They were known for their architecture, and their famous calendars. The famous calendar, writing systems, and major public architecture all occurred during the Mayan Classical period, 250-900 A.D. The Egyptian civilization began around 3000 B.C. Medicine, architecture, farming techniques, and engineering flourished during the height of this civilization. The accomplishments Egyptians made are known throughout the world, but few of us know the impact the Mayan civilization has made in the world we live in today.

The geography of the Mayas and the Egyptians is very similar. Both of them had harsh and hard to farm land with hot and dry climates. During the summer it was especially hard to farm so both of the civilizations used their own techniques that help them thrive. Using their surroundings, the Mayas had a lot to work with. The land they lived in was hot,
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The pyramids in Egypt are well known throughout the world and each one is beautiful in it own way; however the Maya also built enormous pyramids that were for their gods that they worshipped. The Egyptian pyramids were basically enormous tombs for dead pharaohs, which they believed were gods. The Maya built their pyramids for their gods too; however people could climb on top of these pyramids to become closer to the gods. In Egypt, the pyramids were not for climbing, they were sacred tombs which they stored goods to help the pharaoh in his afterlife. The Mayas and the Egyptians had a different way of using their versions of pyramids according to their beliefs on the gods they had, this shows how people who never came in contact can have very different ideas on a

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