Compare And Contrast Christianity And Islam Essay

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Our world is filled with all different types of religions and world views there are roughly 4,700 religions and each one has a different way of looking at health care and what we should do when a person becomes sick or with illness but, in my essay I will be looking at Christianity and Islam and how they think we should address abortion and cancer treatments. It is not for me to say whether I think one is better over the other but to analyze how each one works and how they address health treatments in their own way.
Initially, the Christian worldview comes from the bible God word given to humans. In Christianity they believe that there is an absolute God and he is self-sufficient and eternal. He was not created nor does he change. “Yet for
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Islam in its orthodox form as it has been understood and practiced by right-believing Muslims from the time of Muhammad to the present.”(Davis, 2005) The Islamic worldview is built around The Five Pillars of Islam and that is the only way into heaven. 1. Faith, the Islam’s know that there is only one God that exists and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. 2. They must pray five times at certain times throughout a day. 3. Almsgiving, which is the practice of giving to the less fortunate. 4. Fasting and 5. Pilgrimage to Mecca. Islamic people believe that the Quran is the word of their God Allah brought to them by Muhammad. According the Islamic book the Quran Allah is the only creator nothing exists along with him and he is nothing like his creation. Allah created humans for the sole purpose to worship him. Muslims believes they are on earth as a test their final destination to be tested in how they live their lives. Muslims believe that there will be a last day and after death Allah will send them either to heaven or hell. “Muslims have no guarantee of being saved. They believe that all their works will be accounted for and that on Judgment Day, if your bad works outweigh your good works, you are going to go to hell.” (What is Islam?) Muslims do not believe in boosting in what they have done or do things in their life to get attention. They believe that they must be humble and set …show more content…
I believe that all life is valuable and should not be taken for granted. Humans are so caught up in trying to save our world from being deforested and be eco-friendly that we skip over the most important factor a human life. As we can see from both these worldviews they believe that life is something we should values and uphold. Who are we to intervene in Gods ultimate plan for each person’s life? Even if the person can’t support the baby there are ways to find that abbe a home without killing it such as adoption there are many people out there that want a kid but can’t have one for

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