Compare And Contrast Chapter 10 In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Using Chapter 10 as a starting point, explore the ways Atticus and the community are contrasted in To Kill a Mockingbird

In the novel Atticus is contrasted to the rest of the community through his actions, his mentality and his morals which he teaches the children throughout the novel.

Chapter 10 is a great starting point to show how Atticus contrasts to the rest of the community. Scout is mockingbird in this chapter as Atticus is protecting her – and Jem – from the dog (Tim Johnson) and from the discrimination, racism and prejudice within the community. Scout is the mockingbird because one of the min morals throughout the book we know that he main moral is that it is a “sin to kill a mockingbird” – we are told that mockingbirds do nothing
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Atticus is a man of; facts, proof, reason, intelligence and carefulness which is reflected in his sentences. “Did you think that the nature of her injuries warranted immediate medical attention?” Atticus questions Bob Ewell calmly, he speaks slowly as he is aware of what is going to happen next. Lee uses long, complex sentences to reflect how Atticus is portrayed to the reader. Atticus is calm and controlled in this scene as Lee uses long sentences to reflect that Atticus know what he is doing and the use of long sentences shows that Atticus is calm as he pauses and Lee dos this to build-up tension for the reader. In contrast to Atticus, Bob Ewell has a fabricated story and quick, snappy responses as when he answers Atticus’ question, he replies with “Wadn’t no need to. I seen what happened”. His response is defensive, Bob Ewell is insecure and vulnerable, and it’s as if he’s the victim who is in fact, Tom. He repeats himself as he tries to assure everyone he didn’t abuse his own daughter. Lee uses short sentences to show how Bob Ewell is not as smart as Atticus which shows how they contrast when in the court scene together. Lee also uses short sentences to speed up the pace of the court scene and to again build-up the …show more content…
Bob Ewell represents the sinister and prejudiced people as he does all the wrong things in life, for example his children only to the first day of school, Mayella is unable to live her life and he also abuses but you could argue this is because he is at the bottom of the social class and because he is segregated to the rest of the community (due to him being at the bottom of the social class) he does not know how to socialise and behave with other people. Bob is also described as a “Christ-fearing man” this may possibly be due to his sinful actions. Atticus represents the good, humble people, he may not be very religious but the respects others and treats them well. He follows one phrase in the Bible which is to “love they neighbour”. He represents the good in this religious motif as he does good deeds. Bob Ewell represents the bad, he shows this in the chapter as it is a sin to lie, especially in court when you are under oath. This scene echoes Miss Maudie’s comment in chapter 5 when she says “the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a bottle in the hand of – oh, of your

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