Essay on Comparative Country Studies Hong Kong

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Hong Kong: the small but mighty city

Analysis on its economy

Nima Sang Tamang 6234519 International Business Management Comparative Country Studies University of Surrey


Executive Summary

Asia’s world city

Hong Kong (HK) is known as Asia’s world city (Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), 2015), being a central hub for almost everything but is
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Brief History

Hong Kong (Island) in fact did not exist until the Opium war in 1842 (HKTB, 2015) when it was handed over to Britain nor was it a business center but a small fishing village.

Under the rule of Britain, Hong Kong was used for international trade due to its situation on the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea, making it an ideal trade port. Due to the political instability in China around the 1910’s, the population rose quickly due to the Chinese refugees (HKTB, 2015).

Unfortunately this soon spiraled because of the Japanese occupation from 1940-­‐
After the war, the population rose as everyone had returned home and soon enough the population rose to 2 million.

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