Essay on Comparative Analysis Of Poetry And Unseen Texts

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Comparative analysis of poetry and unseen texts
Within the two presented texts ‘Song’, a poem by Christina Rossetti, and ‘How to die ‘the Oregon way’’, a newspaper article from The Guardian, written by Katharine Whitehorn, death is discussed with two different viewpoints, one being that death can be viewed as a natural occurrence and should be seen as such, whereas the other depicts it as something that can be altered with in the case of assisted suicide.
‘Song’ by Christina Rossetti is a poem written in 1848 when she was just 18 years old and was part of a poetry collection called ‘Goblin Market and other poems’ which she started writing at the supposed age of just 12. During her life her father faced severe health issues and consequently died in 1954, which may have been a leading inspiration for this poem despite being written before his death.
‘How to die ‘the Oregon way’’ is an article written for The Guardian, which is a left-leaning broadsheet newspaper, which might be favourable towards the discussed subject of legally assisted suicide.
The poem has a first person narrative stance, seen firstly in the first line ‘When I am dead…’ This is possibly used to reflect on a personal experience of hers or to make the audience feel more connected to the persona of the poem, as if they were being spoken to. The poem also has a declarative stance as it uses modal verbs such as ‘I shall’ to display her certainty that she will not experience ‘the shadows’, ‘the feel of rain’ or…

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