Essay about Comp and Lit Comparison of Blue+Yellow/Story of an Hour

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Frank Auth
Comp & lit II
Essay 1 In the short story “the Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and the short story “blue + yellow” by Chris Killen compare in many ways. These two stories use the same literary device strongly such as imagery. Imagery is a literary device in which the author uses words and phrases to paint a picture in the readers head throughout the story. These two short stories are written with very descriptive language to help paint a picture of the occurrences in the story and describe a scene. These two stories also contrast in many ways such as the way they use symbolism as well as the relationships between the characters in both stories. The two short stories compare in the use of the literary devices imagery
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The theme of an unhealthy or unsteady relationship becomes just as apparent in”blue +yellow” when Clair all throughout the beginning of the story believes this painting her lover is panting is of her when it really is not, however the unsteady relationship requires no imagery to become apparent when you read that George is on the phone with his girlfriend, and Clair begins to have suspicion the painting is not of her. The theme of an unsteady or clearly unhealthy relationship shows by the fact that George has a girlfriend as well as a lover. These stories also have a few underlying themes that contrast. The two short stories contrast in underlying themes such as how the relationships will continue on in some cases or end in the other. In “Blue + Yellow” it becomes apparent that George and Clair’s relationship will come to a halt through the use of symbolism when the author says, “a picture of a window with the curtains drawn”(Chris Killen P107). The window symbolizes their relationship while the curtains being drawn symbolize the end. This tells us how the relationship is over with George and Clair, and it is apparent that George will continue his relationship with Amelia. This contrasts to the story “the Story of an Hour” where Mr. Mallard ends up not being dead however Mrs. Mallard dies due to “When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease--of the joy that kills.” In this story there will be no relationship to continue on. Another way in which

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