Community Readiness Model Of Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse is a wide-reaching issue affecting millions of people worldwide, especially in lower economic communities. Abusers range from homeless men and women, war vets, and teenagers. According to Diversity Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment and Research, substance abuse is anything that a person may consume that modifies mood, cognition, or behavior (Loue, 2003) such stimulants are found in alcohol, heroin, nicotine, and marijuana. Community readiness and cognitive-behavioral are models used to improve interventions by recognizing social and medical problems of abusers, and combating substance abuse while educating those affected. Scientist and theorist can weaken the use of substance abuse in the community by continually researching effective methods. …show more content…
As research treatments for these models continue abusers learn how to re-channel their urges to positive outlets like educating themselves on the negative effects of substance misuse, hence; people can center their attention to important matters like building a family support system and being an activist in the community encouraging others that they too can lead a healthy life. Both models offer flexible and versatile interventions when studying substance abuse. Moreover, they offer techniques to avoid high-risk situations that may enable an individual to relapse to a lower level of achievement. The community readiness model works more efficiently in communications being the results or outcome will solely be based on dispatchers inside the organization, everyone can play a role. If the community knew the issues dispatchers face every day they would approach us differently. The rudeness and disrespect that many of us endure when assisting the public produce negative habits in some, rather it is consuming alcohol after work, smoking cigarettes, or taking over the counter

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