Community Policing Is A Philosophy That Guides Police Management Style And Operational Strategies

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There is no official definition of community policing but the basic concept of community policing is “Community policing is a philosophy that guides police management style and operational strategies. It emphasizes establishment of police-community partnerships and a problem-solving approach that is responsive to the needs of the community.” A lot of communities don 't know they have community police officers or actually know what a community officer is; some think that community officers are foot or bike control but they are not, they are basically police officers who are proactive. The difference between a police officer and a community police officer is simple; unlike a police officer, a community police officer has the power to help change the area he/she is placed in, he/she can transfer (authority) from central to local government, and he/she has more freedom to have ownership and responsibility, for example: to solve problems they encounter their own way. I believe that community policing has a benefit to give to the community because community police officers do not waste their time by going through their chief knowing they could get it done quicker on their own.

The top three major dimensions to community policing are such as philosophical, tactical,and strategic.

Philosophical dimension

The first dimension is philosophical, which consist of the central ideas and beliefs underlying community policing. The top three features of philosophical dimension are…

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