Community Factors Impacting Environmental Health Essay examples

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Community Factors Impacting Environmental Health

The Summerlyn community is located near the Five Corners district. According to the National Association of Realtors, “the population is 32,355 with the median age of 30. 77053 's median household income is $44,879, and the average household net worth is $343,291” (National Association of Realtors, Move, Inc., 1995-2015). The majority of this area consist of residential housing. The Summerlyn community is located in a quiet neighborhood. The neighborhood encourages children to be active with a neighborhood park. Within walking distance are several schools. Located nearby are also several fast food restaurants. Transportation is a necessity in this community if one wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Approximately ninety-six percent of the residents of the 77053 zip code are either black or Hispanic. Studies show that areas that minority communities might not have the same access to super markets an nonminority communities. In 77053 zip code there are few small supermarkets with limited selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. The closest restaurants are all fast food restaurants. In the first picture you can see a Shipley Donuts, Pizza Hut, and Jack in the Box. Residents in this area do not have many food choices. Kimberly Morland from the University of North Carolina concluded that “poor and minority communities may not have equal access to the variety of healthy food choices available to nonminority and…

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