Community Development Essay

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Introduction: In this assignment I am going to explore the core theme of Community Development. In doing so, I will come to understand various theories and concepts, relevant legislation and policy, underpinning values, principles and ethics, and practice application with all regards to community development. In the first section of the assignment I will analyse the differences between Community, Community Work and Community Development and explain how Northern Ireland has become a more diverse community. Following this section I will analyse how worker/agency would go about analysing the strengths,
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Maclver further stated the term community being defined as ‘Any circle of people who live together, who belong together, so that they share not this or that particular interest, but a whole set of interests wide enough and complete enough to include in their lives’. Maclver also stated that ‘the mark of a community is that one’s life may be lived wholly within it that all ones relationships may be found within it’.
There are four different elements that enter into most sociological definitions of the term community. These elements include: Group of people, geographical area, social interaction and common ties. So the term community consists of a person in social interaction within a geographical area and having one or more additional common ties.
Community Work: Popple (1995) says that ‘One of the problems facing community work is that it has no single definition and is frequently considered simply as a form of welfare work. For example, a wide range of activities, such as visiting housebound and older people, working in economically and socially deprived housing neighbourhoods and intervening with young offenders, have all been described as community work’. Because it encompasses such a wide area of work, ‘community work’ can be considered as an umbrella term. Banks et al (2003) described the term community work as ‘work done by occupational groups who work with individuals and community groups to identify needs and

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