Essay on Communist Revolutionary And The Communist Party

1272 Words May 1st, 2016 6 Pages
In the past 20 years, the Chinese Communist Party or the “CCP”, has had tighter reins than ever on its citizens, censoring and controlling every image, website, news story, radio broadcast, television program, or any other media able reach the moldable minds of the Chinese masses. However, the CCP is no stranger to this type of mind control, as Mao Zedong, otherwise known as Chairman Mao: the communist revolutionary and the father of the People 's Republic of China, ruled China through propaganda and the ability to brainwash the masses. He relied so heavily on propaganda and “brainwashing” to the point where he was able to convince the masses he was a god. The only difference between the CCP now and Mao’s Communist Party, is the introduction of Internet and other media, as the current CCP uses every outlet of these new technologies to forward their control over the masses. This has fundamentally changed the relationship of control between the CCP and its citizens. As a result of these technologies, the CCP can now implement mass surveillance and censorship, while reinforcing propaganda through new, additional mediums. However, Internet and mass media has also introduced to Chinese citizens new, previously unattainable ways to resist against the CCP and get around the government 's tight restrictions. The advent of the Internet and mass media has paradoxically reinforced the Chinese government’s control over its citizens while at the same time giving Chinese citizens a new…

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