Essay about Communism And The Cold War

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Communism for many years has been a controversial issue in America. It was a form of government that many Americans learned to stay clear of. Communism is known by definition as, a political and economic ideology that aims to replace private property with public ownership. (Communism) Living in capitalist America, this system would remove many freedoms we enjoy as Americans. One of the ways communism directly affected americans was through the Cold War. Although the Cold War, was a global conflict between capitalist United States and communist USSR, it also negatively impacted American culture because it created a sense of fear and limited freedoms in American citizens.
The start of Communism in Russia came about during the harshness of the 19th century. Communism developed from ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who published the book entitled, The Communist Manifesto. A quote from the book stated, “Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains…Workingmen of all countries unite.” (Communist Manifesto) The book introduced their ideas of equal distribution and property. (Karl Marx) He also went on to write Capital: Critique of Political Economy. To further these ideologies. (Political Economy) Because of this, many Russians supported the idea of communism to help put an end to hardships. Russia was the first to adopt the idea of communist beliefs. Other countries, including China, would soon catch…

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