Communication Technology And The E Books Essay

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Of the many different advancements of communication technology, one of the popular ones is the e-book. While there are still print books available for the users that prefer those, e-books offer users the ability to read the same content included in print books through a digital pdf file. Like other technologies, the e-book operates within the communication technology ecosystem through its users, software, content, hardware, and organizational infrastructure. (Grant and Meadows, 2014) The users of the e-books consist of the many individuals that use the technology for personal, professional, and/or for educational purposes. Software programs such as Google Play and online stores such as provide a large volume of e-books for users to choose from. Other software programs, such as the cloud, allow users to store and share tons of uploaded e-books as well. (Musil, 2013) This can be extremely helpful to a student who carries around bulky textbooks on a daily basis. Carrying around a tablet with your e-textbooks uploaded on it is much better for the back and usually the wallet as well. This technology is also helpful to busy professionals who must read information while traveling; or for busy mothers who enjoy the convenience of uploading their favorite romantic books at home instead of going to a store or ordering it online and waiting on it to be delivered days later.
The content of the e-book consists of the text, images, videos, and hyperlinks. The e-book…

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