Communication Techniques in a Professional Setting Media Project Outline

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Communication Techniques in a Professional Setting Media Project Outline
Priscilla Lewis
HCS/350 Health Care Communications
October 20, 2014
Diane Rodriquez PHD

Communication Techniques in a Professional Setting Media Project Outline

HEALTH CARE CONCERN WITHIN A SPECIFIED CULTURE I. IDENTIFY A HEALTH CARE CONCERN WITHIN YOUR COMMUNITY A. The format will discuss influenza in the elderly population addressing prevention, the signs, symptoms, and when to seek medical attention. II. SPECIFY THE TARGET POPULATION A. The target population chosen are elderly people over 65 years of age. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (2014) website, people over age 65 are at a greater risk of developing influenza
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Awareness campaigns are in place to target vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, on promoting influenza vaccinations. Numerous materials are available to promote the influenza vaccination and precautions to take when exposed to the flu. Brochures, posters, infographics, fact sheets, presentations, and internet resources such as Facebook or blogs all assist in getting the necessary information to prevent the flu (Flu + You, 2014).

B. Community organizations, doctor offices, hospitals, flu clinics, and national health care organizations, such as The National Area on Aging, are all valuable resources for educating and promoting the need for influenza vaccinations.

C. Pharmacists have more access to patients on a month-to-month basis and therefore have a better opportunity for making sure the elderly are educated on the signs of influenza and to give the vaccination.
D. When educating the elderly population sensory deficits such as decreased vision and hearing should be accommodated for and low literacy can be another barrier to education. Materials should be at a sixth grade reading level or lower if necessary, and the use of medical terminology should be avoided to promote compliance.


A. Informational brochures will be provided to the elderly, age 65 and older. B. Included in the brochure will be links to the following websites for further

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