Essay on Communication Problems Of Kent State Flashline

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Midterm Precis
Within this project I will be presenting the communication problems that I would like to solve by giving the evidence and examples of the issues that is on Kent State flashline. Since the new update of flashline there has been a lot of change that I do not agree with that me or some others believe that should change. What I plan to do by proposing the solution is giving how the website should do it and why it’s important. I believe this website can be better than it is now and that’s what I planned to do in this project. What I choose for my communication problem is the Kent State Flashline. The reason why I am solving this issue is because Kent State does not provide enough of the student’s personal information and makes it confusing for students to find what they need. The senders are Kent State, the receives is the students of Kent State, the mass medium is organization that provides communication and marketing, which involve undergraduate students and planning systems, and the impact is the update has made many changes that makes it harder to get my information. The senders which is Kent State flashline does not provide as much information like it did before. it turns out that the information has been removed from my personal profile. The courses and registration has been moved to resources, which is not a good place to put that because we would think that resources would be involved with finances or organization not for signing up for classes or viewing…

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