Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication Opinion Paper
Michelle Sasser
September 28, 2015
Terri De Wees

Communication Opinion Paper
How does effective communication incorporate the basic elements of communication? Communication is very important in everything that you do in everyday life whether it’s for a job or in your day to day life. When having to write in a job setting you need to put into place what you are writing about as well as to how you are writing or talking to. You would not want to write or tell a group of 3rd graders how to their work the same way that you would tell a group of doctors. The five basic elements that you need to know for communication to any anyone is first who sending it (name plus for me it’s nice to know who that
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I know when I took my girls to school at the beginning of the year I was talking to their teachers and they both see a tutor and before the teachers can email the tutor I have to give the OK. It’s the same when you are dealing with healthcare and HIPPA law.
How might a provider encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate candidly? The first thing that I would be set down and make sure that they understand what we are talking about so that maybe they are not as scared to tell the provider what is going on. If it’s someone that is new to the EHR I would help them go though it so they can understand them. I would help and if I can show them how much safer as well as faster it is to have your health care communication does this way. I do home health and I have taking some of my older patient to the doctors and to the hospital and they do not understand what they are doing and thankful I have been there to help because a lot of time I have found that whoever is behind that window just hands them out and does not seem to care much about helping the people to understand it.
How might cultural differences influence communication? This is a hard one if you are not willing to learn, you need to be able to both listen and try to understand what the person that you are dealing with. If you are writing something in office you need to make sure that you write it to where people can easily understand it and

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