Communication Is The Key For The Success Of Every Counseling Session

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In the opening case with Fernando M., the counselor decided to see the family because the bilingual therapist was ill. Once the session started, it was clear that the parents were unable to speak English. Under these circumstances, what would you have done and why?

Communication is the key for the success of every counseling session. To start and maintain a therapeutic dialogue, the counselor should build rapport and trust with the client before he can start to gather necessary information needed for better understanding of the client’s issues and finding the best treatment. If I was the counselor of Mr. Fernando M. I will suggest to the client to re schedule the appointment until a Spanish speaking counselor is available for them to start the therapy.

What are some of your own class-bound assumptions? How can these assumptions be harmful to others who are not in your same social class?

People who are living in poverty may have some difficulties travelling to mental health facilities for treatment. People who suffer from poverty should not be denied the necessary help that they need especially with mental health problems. The lack of support from their community may place people who suffer from mental health issues in harm and worsen their condition. They needed counseling services to strengthen their coping skills and ability to solve any challenges in life they might encounter.

How can focusing solely on the individual in counseling practice be harmful to minority…

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