Communication And The Body Language Essay

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People speak volumes with the way they act, through looks and the way that they move their bodies. Statistics show that more than two-thirds (2/3) of communication comes from non-verbal actions: kinesics. (Matthews, 18) Whether a person realizes it or not their body language and eye contact – or lack thereof- spoke more than anything their mouths could ever have said. Tiwari breaks non-verbal communication down into separate forms: kinesics – facial expressions, gestures and posture, along with others. He expresses that “no one in this world can survive in isolation,” everyone has to communicate somehow and with someone. (Tiwari, 109) In summary: It is not about what you say or how; it is what you did not say that counts and that people listen too, or read. Kinesics is the languge that the body speaks without any help, intentionally or unintentionally.
Communication, in any part of the world is imperative, according to Tiwari. It is the only tool that creates a “bridge between individuals.” (Tiwari, 109) Communcaiton, according to Tiwari is a means to “transfer information from one person(s) to another person(s).” (Tiwari, 109) In order for one to understand the communcations one needs not only hear the words spoken, but also “understand the message being relayed” in order for communcation to work. Communication through kinesics is reading the non verbal cues an individual(s) body language omits. Even when a person fails to “act in a certain way through…

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