Common Sense Is Learning From Everyday Essay

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A thief was going to break into a nice house with a fenced in yard. Before the thief snuck over the fence, he noticed that there was a “beware of the dog” sign posted on the fence. The thief then decided not to break into the home for fear of getting caught or hurt because of the dog that the warning spoke of. This is a pure example of using common sense. Common sense is a behavior that one learns from experiences throughout life and how that person applies those experiences to determine right from wrong.
Common sense is learning from experiences, whether they are personal ones or someone else’s. Everyone encounters personal experiences that are worthy of learning from everyday. For instance, when a child is young they are often told to be careful crossing the street and to always look both ways. This is common sense. If one were not to look both ways before crossing the street, that person may get ran over by a car. Another example of common sense learned from a personal experience would be to not touch the stove when it is turned on because it will cause a burn to ones’ skin. Generally, this is also learned at a young age due to a persons’ parent or guardian teaching them this viable information. One could also learn common sense from observing someone else’s experiences in life. For example, a famous person getting arrested for underage drinking in public should give an underage person enough common sense to know to not do that in a public setting, or not to do…

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