Thomas Paine Influence On Common Sense

I offer simply facts, plain arguments, common sense, and nothing more (Paine, Section III). This was a simple quote from the Founding Father, Thomas Paine; it portrays the creation of his life and the American Revolution. He was an English-American, political activist and theorist; who was born on January 29, 1737, in Thetford, England. Paine was also a philosopher and revolutionary who moved to American in 1774, as a publicist. Living in Philadelphia, he began to sense tension from the colonies after the Boston Tea Party and during the battles of Lexington and Concord. He did not think the colonies should remain dependent on England, so in 1776, he wrote these ideas in an inspiring pamphlet called Common Sense. According to Hoffman (2006), “Common Sense was successful because of the time and place of publication, Paine’s Style, Pain’s ethos, and his use of Psychology, in which he used prejudice to frame the readers (pg. …show more content…
It was Paine’s most significant and successful writing because it grabbed the attention of many undecided colonists (Britons); who did not believe their autonomy from Britain was essential. In this writing, he explains the importance of the colonies freedom and why it was a necessity. He also explained their allegations, issues with their complicated government, and the negligence of the monarchical powers. In the Common Sense pamphlet, he supported the American independence and in this essay I will explain his proposition and his three main arguments: Independence from England, the formation of a democratic republican, and why the separation of the countries made British ruling

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