Common Sense By Thomas Paine Essay examples

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The renowned pamphlet Common Sense by Thomas Paine is a landmark in the world of persuasive literature. It called upon the American people of all social classes to work and fight towards independence from the British Empire. Paine methodically, yet passionately dismantled the legitimacy of the British monarchy and its actions in the Colonies. With impressive eloquence, he destroyed any basis the British Crown had in Biblical scripture. He used historical examples and simple, yet robust logic to expose the failings of the aristocratic system. Furthermore, he forced the readers into action with the arguments that America will inevitably be ruined if kept under Britain’s control and that the window of opportunity for a successful revolution was rapidly fading.
Paine arranged his arguments for the revolution in a straightforward three-part sequence. His first argument was that the British Monarchy in his view was inherently illegitimate in order to dispel arguments that the answer lay in improving the government instead of separating from it. From there, he argued that British control was actively harmful to the colonies and that its illegitimacies were further compounded by willful apathy towards the welfare of the colonists. His final arguments revolved around the urgency of a revolution to break away from Britain and the viability of independence. The attacks on the British government’s legitimacy were both religious and secular; with the arguments that God…

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